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Woodtown Jerseys

The Tyrrell family have been farming at Woodtown Abbott in Kildalkey since 1917, and it is currently run by Ben and Richard Tyrrell, who are the third and fourth generations to be farming here. The Jersey herd was established by Ben’s grandfather, Garrett Tyrrell who imported 30 cattle from Jersey Island between 1955 and 1957 to set up the herd.

The Woodtown Jersey herd is currently the oldest and largest herd of pedigree Jersey cows in the Republic of Ireland, so a wealth of knowledge and experience has been built up over the years about the Jersey breed. Woodtown Jerseys have won many prizes over the years with many champions being shown at the Spring Show, Tullamore Show and Mill Street.

Cattle Sales

With nearly 50 years of breeding Jersey cattle, Woodtown Jerseys sell top quality stock, including in-calf Jersey heifers, cows and pure bred Jersey bulls.

Please check the sales page for the current listing of animals for sale

Breeding Policy

Due to the pricing system in Ireland were the price is based on Kgs of Butterfat and protein sold with a penalty on overall volume (A+B-C) the Jersey is Ideally suited to the Irish market. There is a very strong weighting on protein in the pricing structure.
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Stock Availability

As calving is split in the herd between Autumn and Spring there is a supply of heifers for sale all year round. With the advent of cross breeding with Fresians, Purebred Jersey bulls are also for sale. These are bulls from autumn calved cows and are sold to work at 18 months old.