Woodtown Nestle 12

Cattle Sales and Breeing Policy

The Woodtown herd is both autumn and spring calving and therefore there is a supply of top quality heifers and cows for sale all year round.

With the advent of cross breeding and the increased popularity of the Jersey cross, our bulls are ideal to cross with Friesian cows. Not only will they increase butterfat and protein, but also their milk production is much higher than other Jerseys currently available in Ireland.

Woodtown Jerseys Facts and Figures (as at 01/01/2013)

Milking cows :200 (split 60% autumn calvers 40% spring)
Ave Yield: 6542L @6.03% Bf & 4.20% Pr or 670Kgs of solids
Calving interval: 378 days
Herd EBI: 174
Highest Cow EBI: 304
High Yielding cows : in 2012 eight cows gave over 900 kgs of solids.

One cow was by far the highest yielding of the herd - Woodtown Nestle 12 (pictured above).
11042 Litres 6.20% BF and 3.51% Pr and 1105 kgs of Butterfat and Protein