Woodtown Jersey Cattle grazing

Why Jerseys?

Danish bloodlines have been used to develop and grow the herd since the mid 60s and there are currently 200 pedigree jerseys being milked at Woodtown. Danish Jerseys have been chosen for a number of reasons, one of the most important is that they are hugely efficient at converting feed into milk. Woodtown Jerseys are currently targeting 6300L at 10% solids while only eating 16 kgs DM/head/day, and achieving feed efficiencies of between 1.45 and 1.65 kgs of ECM per kg of DM.

Woodtown Jerseys also have very good longevity with the current replacement rate at 13.3%, or over 7 lactations on average per cow, which is achieved by having excellent fertility, good feet and legs and flat but very persistent lactation curves. Danish Jerseys also produce excellent yields of butterfat and protein while maintaining very high fertility.


The cows are fed on a TMR through the winter, eating 16 kgs of DM/head. The ration normally includes maize silage or whole crop triticale, high quality grass silage, wheat and a protein blend. The herd is buffer fed throughout the summer to maintain peak performance.


As calving is split in the herd between Autumn and Spring there is a supply of heifers for sale all year round. With the advent of cross breeding with Fresians, Purebred Jersey bulls are also for sale. These are bulls from autumn calved cows and are sold to work at 18 months old.